Sex and The City – The Sequel!

I’m so excited! The second SEX AND THE CITY movie is finally starting to shoot in NYC!

I can’t wait to see the sequel to the first movie! This modern tale of four fabulous young menopausal woman scouring the city for designer fashions anything that fits and doesn’t look dowdy is sure to be as popular as the TV show, which first aired eleven fricking years ago.

In the sequel, artsy Carrie (now writing a “sexy seniors” column for BlogHer and single again), sensible Miranda (laid off from her law firm and single again), ritzy Charlotte (penniless after investing all her money with Bernard Madoff and single again), and indestructible Samantha (retired and single) are still best of pals, as they enjoy life in the Big Apple.

The plot of the sequel is still under wraps, but sources say the gals rally when Samantha breaks a hip in the tub and needs help filing in her Medicare forms.  Over an early bird dinner at The Olive Garden, the four realize they’ve all had it with the harsh New York winters and agree to split the rent on a condo in Miami.

Yeah.  On second thought, maybe I’ll just rent TWILIGHT again.


2 Comments on “Sex and The City – The Sequel!”

  1. Please, please, please, write YOUR version of this, Tara! Yours sounds hysterical!!!

  2. editor says:

    will i be able to follow it if i never saw the first one? or any of the tv episodes?

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