Sunday and Ceviche

This is how Rick and I spent our Sunday. You know, the typical interview with a music producer.

Rick was in charge of this project – an interview with producer, arranger, musician Daniel LeMelle, talking about the music industry, how he works with new talent, and how the internet has completely changed the game for musicians. Rick produced, shot and will edit. I was the schlepper, mover, and note-taker. My main job was to poke him and say “plane” every time a plane flew overhead, which was all day because our location was right in the flight path of a local airport.

I was glad to let Rick run the show yesterday, as music is his world, not mine. But naturally, I couldn’t completely sqush my natural talents, which include nagging, obsessing, and worrying. “Don’t forget to do check the playback to make sure everything is working.” “I don’t like the way that curtain is folding behind his head.” “Does that couch arm bother you? It bothers me. I don’t like the way it looks from this angle. The couch arm is all wrong. I’m not loving that arm of the couch.” You’d think we were interviewing the couch. Which we were not. Rick assured me the couch arm would be fine. Look buddy, I’m just doing my job. I’d hate to think that all our hard work was for naught, because of a distracting couch arm.

The best part of the day was when we were done, and Daniel’s lovely wife Tammy fed us shrimp ceviche and red wine. That’s not usually how it goes. Usually we crawl home exhausted and eat peanut butter sandwiches and fall into bed and dream about the day when we’ll have a better budget and helpers to do the schlepping. But all in all, yesterday was a good day. We’re looking for ways to reinvent ourselves, our business, our lives. Some people go to the park, some people go boating. We went shooting on Sunday.

Did you have a good Sunday?

Rick Sanchez interviews Daniel LeMelle

Rick Sanchez interviews Daniel LeMelle

3 Comments on “Sunday and Ceviche”

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    And I’m lucky to have you

  2. imogen says:

    Nice to know that you work hard for a living! I spent a good bit of Sunday at a greek restaurant that has a playground with 3 other families and their kids. Food was yummy, kids had fun.

  3. Tara Zucker says:

    Imogen – sounds like a great Sunday! I love Greek food.

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