I Am, I Said …

In conjunction with my guest post for the wonderful “La Belette Rouge.” I present my boyfriend. I was thirteen. He knew my very soul. (Plus – the hair!)


7 Comments on “I Am, I Said …”

  1. rosaria says:

    Loved your guest post on La Belette. Your writing is fresh and sparkly. You’ve got a new fan.

  2. audrey says:

    oh i love his hair! the lyrics really hit home. as i am supposed to love living in nyc i often feel lonely, and wonder and feel that i would feel more ‘at home’ some place else.

    thanks for popping in on my blog to say hello. i can imagine how tough it must have been to move from greenwich village to s.i. i came from brooklyn so it was almost like a paradise. but most importantly in the commute i had to pass through manhattan. and what wonders were there for me to discover as a teenager.

    thanks again for such a brilliant post & hope the california sunshine is good to you today.

  3. Mervat says:

    I really enjoyed you guest post on LBR and needed more! Mr Diamond is a very lucky man 😉

  4. Great post on La Belette! You are a fantastic writer Tara!

  5. So happy that my readers are seeing what I have known, you are a great writer.

  6. Mel Ryane says:

    The post was gorgeous, Tara.

  7. Tara Zucker says:

    Thanks, everyone. I guess I should finish the damn book already!

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