Mini Vacation

Today I had lunch at an Italian cafe. It was a tiny town in the countryside, with views of the Tuscan mountains in the distance. The weather was very pleasant – warm, but with a light breeze. I had a chunk of fresh bread, not long from the oven, and a small dish of olives – green and black – with fresh feta cheese, all sitting in light olive oil. I piled some of the cheese onto the bread, then dipped it into the olive oil. I ate the olives alternately – one green, one black, one green, one black. From my table I watched an old Italian woman slowly make her way across the town square, holding tightly to her string bag as she headed to the market in search of tonight’s dinner. I followed my bread and cheese with an iced latte, which amused the group of old men a few tables away from me. They sipped their cups of espresso, occasionally dabbing their lips with white napkins as they offered each other the solutions to the world’s problems, as they did every day. I closed my eyes and just sat, living the moment, letting go of any agenda or expectations or thoughts of anything other than being in that cafe, sipping that latte.

Now I have to get back to today’s work. There are some workers banging hammers and sawing something at the house next door, right next to the window where I sit typing. Los Angeles is upwards of 90 degrees today and my non-air conditioned house is stifling. But the iced latte still tastes good.


4 Comments on “Mini Vacation”

  1. Your getaway sounds heavenly and no jet lag and no crazy security to go through. Good for you for taking a well deserved vacation. Perhaps you can bring a little of Italy home with you and put some Puccini on to drown out the construction.

  2. Imogen says:

    Nice holiday, even if it was all in your mind.

  3. Leann says:

    hey, i think i saw you there!

  4. K-Line says:

    Oooh, you so had me planning my trip to Tuscany while reading!

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