Job Search: Epic Clarity Report Writer sent me a very tempting job suggestion the other day.

This one is for an “Epic Clarity Report Writer,” and the thought of this job really excites me. I had one incident of epic clarity in my life, about ten years ago, on my birthday. It led to me changing my life, finding love, getting married, and ultimately starting to write my book. That’s pretty epic, if you ask me.

The thing is – I don’t have all the details about this job yet, so I’m not sure if I will be required to write about other people’s incidents of epic clarity, or if I will be expected to have more of my own incidents of epic clarity. From my experience, moments of epic clarity occur fairly infrequently, and I can not guarantee that I will ever have another one quite as epic as the one I already had. In a way, I hope I do, because a moment of epic clarity is a rocking good thing. But how many moments like that do we get in a lifetime? And how many do we need? I’m still dealing with all the changes that resulted from that one prior epic moment of clarity, all these years later. I’m not saying I couldn’t use a little more clarity at times, but perhaps I don’t need epic clarity. Maybe I just need a little run of the mill clarity. I certainly wouldn’t refuse another moment of epic clarity. Maybe I need it more than I realize right now. I appreciate the tiny glimpses of clarity I get here and there, but of course – a moment of epic clarity would speed things along. Maybe I’m just not clear about how unclear I am right now?

I’m tempted to apply for the position of Epic Clarity Report Writer, partly because I’m starting to think the only moment of epic clarity I will have these days is when I realize I will never actually get a job through I still cling to a belief it might happen, but it’s becoming more and more clear that it most likely will not. But in my experience, you can’t rush a moment of epic clarity. It happens when it happens. Just like a great job. And that is something that I am fairly certain of.


3 Comments on “Job Search: Epic Clarity Report Writer”

  1. deja pseu says:

    I think you should apply if for no other reason than to see if you can find out what the job actually entails. I’d be overwhelmingly intruiged.

  2. Imogen says:

    I want to know what your moment of epic clarity was! I’m intrigued!

  3. Greg Zeck says:

    Very amusing, bemusing. I’m still trying to find out what Epic Clarity is, and the only thing I know besides that it’s a lucrative technical job of some kind is that people like you are able to make light of it and so ascend the morass of real life and heavy work.

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