Harry Potter and the Magical Mascara Wand

The new Harry Potter movie just opened. When the Harry Potter books first came out, my niece devoured each one. She was always a smart kid and an avid reader, and it was great to know that she had a series that would feed her imagination and perhaps encourage a lifetime appreciation of literature.

I was thinking about that as I got ready this morning. I opened the second drawer, where I keep my eye makeup, and reached for mascara. Hmmm. It wasn’t there. I must have put it in the top drawer by mistake. I opened the top drawer and looked for the shiny purple tube. Nope. Maybe I just didn’t see it in the second drawer? Check again. Nope.

it could be anywhere in the house
probably in the freezer because that would be the most bizarre unlikely place
I am going to be the youngest person in the home
no one must know about this
I don’t want to wear mascara anyway
I want to be one of those “well-maintained” older women
wait – did I turn off the coffee pot before I took a shower?
let me just wander over here and check in the bedside table
I know it’s not in the bedside table
if I were a tube of mascara where would I be?
it didn’t just move itself, young lady
I’m not looking in the freezer because that would just be too sad
what is this, a movie on Lifetime?
I haven’t been to Italy yet
I don’t want to die!

Ah! Here it is under the sink with the toilet bowl cleaner.

Interesting. Did this happen yesterday? I must have been putting on mascara when I was suddenly overcome with an urgent desire to clean the toilet bowl. Odd. I don’t remember that at all. Clearly there are evil forces at work here. Wait – did I turn off the coffee pot before I took a shower? Let me just go check …


8 Comments on “Harry Potter and the Magical Mascara Wand”

  1. Imogen says:

    Sorry, Tara who? Who are you again?

    I remember one day at work many years ago not being able to find some paperwork and my office co-worker suggesting I look in the fridge as I spend so much time there – and it was in the fridge!

  2. Tara Zucker says:

    Imogen – excellent! And scary. (At least you remember the incident – that has to be a good sign.)

  3. Imogen says:

    My grandmother had alzheimers and it runs in my family – that is not something I look forward to. She forgot me, and thought I was my mother in the end.

    Couldn’t remember where she lived, was always wandering off down people’s driveways saying “this is the way to Melbourne” when she was in Tasmania – completely confused and very sad in the end!

  4. Niva says:

    LOL! Happy Birthday Tara!

  5. Anna Lefler says:

    Okay, I feel slightly better about the tube of bathtub caulk I just found in my desk drawer.


    ~ A.

  6. Tara Zucker says:

    Anna – you have to be really careful where you put your caulk. (Sorry! I had to!)

  7. Firstly, I should do the right thing and introduce myself. Hi, my name is Angie, very pleased to meet you! Found your site via FrenchEssence and La Belette Rouge. Got to say, I love your sense of humor, particularly in selecting your blog’s name. Secondly, I completely understand about the mascara. When my daughter was a newborn I used to walk around the house searching for her pacifier, only to have my son roll his eyes and remind me that it was in my own mouth.

  8. Tara Zucker says:

    Angie – welcome! Glad to know I’m in good company!

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