Product Review: The Curl-ease Towel Plus Bonus Nun Content

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this review. In fact, the people at Curl-ease may very well be horrified to know I have written a review of their product. I really liked it, if that helps.)

The Curl-ease towel is touted as “the only towel for girls with curls.” We all like to feel special in life, and the fact that there was a towel out there that was made specially for me and my special special hair? Count me in!

I checked out the Curl-ease website, and was immediately captivated. It provided clear, easy to read directions (“Lean head forward and wrap Curl-ease tightly around head”) which completely took the stress out of trying to figure out how to use the towel. Having recently conquered the whole “later, rinse, repeat” shampoo thing, I was ready to move to the next level in hair care, so I felt it was kismet to find this product. After a short internal debate (white towel or pink? Box or vinyl bag?) I ordered a white Curl-ease towel in a vinyl bag. And then I waited, my excitement growing with each passing day.

When the Curl-ease towel arrived, I could hardly contain myself. I tore away the pretty pink paper wrapping and opened the vinyl bag to discover a very white, very long …. dishtowel. Clocking in at a magnificent 53″ by 27″, the Curl-ease looked like something you might find in an Amish kitchen – plain. Which for the Amish means good. It pleased me to think that an Amish woman might approve of a $26 dish towel for my hair. (Including tax and shipping.)

The next day I put the Curl-ease through its first real test. With my hair wringing wet, I flipped the towel over my head and along the sides of my face. OH MY GOD! I LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE A NUN! This is when I totally fell in love with the Curl-ease.

I’ve always had deep nun-related fantasies, ever since I was a little kid. Sometimes I played that I was a nun, but most of the time I played that I was a student at a convent-run boarding school. The fact that I’m an atheist and was not raised with any religion in no way prevented me from wanting to go to a Catholic boarding school. I learned all about religion from my Catholic mother, and also from watching THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS (1966) when I was nine years old. This was the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE about two young girls at a boarding school run by nuns.

It was directed by Ida Lupino (IDA LUPINO!) and according to the Amazon product description, Haley Mills (iron-willed Mary) and June Harding (follower Rachel) star as “two juvenile pranksters at the St. Francis Academy for Girls. It is up to Rosalind Russell (ROSALIND RUSSELL!) as the patient and understanding Mother Superior, to show them the right path.” I wanted to live in that movie. I wanted to wear a uniform. I wanted to have a patient and understanding nun show me the right path. I wanted to have a best friend who I got in trouble with. The movie has a little twist ending which you will never ever guess. (Mary decides to become a nun! I’m sorry to give it away but it’s just so amazing!) I desperately wanted to be an iron-willed Mary who discovers her true life calling, but in my heart, I always knew I was a Rachel, the less-interesting follower who would spend her entire life trying to figure out her path in life.

In 1968 they made the sequel, WHERE ANGELS GO… TROUBLE FOLLOWS, this time with Susan St. James as the teen prankster. There was a subtle shift from the innocence of the first movie to the sequel’s groovy music and hint at the social unrest of late 60’s (the nuns are threatened by a knife-wielding biker gang!), with some unfortunate racial stereotyping (Native Americans attack the bus? In 1968? Really?) In this movie, the girls from St. Francis go on a bus trip and meet boys! By this time I was eleven and practicing kissing my pillow and pretending it was Davey Jones of the Monkees. I desperately wanted to go on a bus trip and meet boys. Plus, there was a really cool song for the movie. I have never forgotten the lyrics:

“So come on down, get your feet back on the ground
And your head out of the clouds abo-o-ove
My friend now listen to me!
Take it slow, ’cause there’s something you should know –
Angels never fall in lo-oove!

Long before the dance numbers in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, there was the female bonding and groovy grooviness of WHERE ANGELS GO … TROUBLE FOLLOWS.

I so desperately wanted to be an angel who was followed by trouble on groovy bus trips with strict but loving nuns. Instead I was a lonely, weird hippie kid with frizzy hair half way down my back. Which is why I was so pleased to discover the Curl-ease towel, and can highly recommend it.


8 Comments on “Product Review: The Curl-ease Towel Plus Bonus Nun Content”

  1. Guenevere says:

    On the subject of products for curly hair, ever tried Mixed Chicks?

    • Guenevere says:

      BTW, I think I’ve seen that film, with the nuns and the school girls. There’s a scene where they go bra-shopping and are reprimanded for looking at the lace-covered, sexy ones, yes?

      Reading over that statement, I’d like to point out that memory is a strange function of the human brain and nobody really knows why we recall the things we do the way that we do.

  2. Tara Zucker says:

    Guen – you’re absolutely right. One woman’s bra shopping adventure is another woman’s existential quest for acceptance!

  3. I dare you to wear the Curl-ease for our meetup. I will call you Sister Tara if you like.;-)

  4. Tara Zucker says:

    My dear Belette Rouge – you have given me a wonderful idea. Instead of trying to write a book, maybe I will market a toy called “Fun Nun!” This toy is a long white dishtowel, and girls (and boys – why not?) can put it on and pretend they are nuns! I may include select scenes from DOUBT for the children to act out. Imagine how much fun they will have! “I want to be Sister Aloysius this time!” Or, they may choose to invent their own little stories! What a fun toy for all!

  5. Ooh, could you make a “Flying Nun” toy that would allow me to fly and/or surf?

  6. Imogen says:

    I think, even though I don’t have curly hair, that I have something like that towel – I’ve always wrapped towels like that round my head to get it to dry, but now I’ve got a microfibre one that has a little loop and button so that I don’t even have to tuck it in to itself!

    I have to admit that even though I grew up atheist, and still am, I never had nun fantasies!

    Get thee to a nunnery!

  7. Tara Zucker says:

    Imogen – yeah, the whole nun thing is weird and complicated. I also wore a Star of David for a while (my father is Jewish) until I lost it, and when I was thirteen I attended a Pentecostal meeting where people spoke in tongues. I think I was fascinated by the drama more than the religion.

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