Overheard in LA

While waiting for my friend at a trendy cafe, I overheard a hip 20-something say:
“I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the lobster and shrimp crepes today.”

Neither am I, my friend. Neither am I.


3 Comments on “Overheard in LA”

  1. I thought that studies showed that crustaceans have no feelings or at least less than Nutella and bananas.Did I get that wrong?
    p.s. I am serious about a facing the dragon support group. Do you have your email posted on your blog?

  2. Tara Zucker says:

    La Belette – yes – let’s compare notes! I have spent the entire day wrestling with the TOC. Because how many times have you thought, “That book would have been great if it only had more more sub-headings.” (tarzucker at yahoo dot com.)

  3. Imogen says:

    Who knows, they may have saved themselves from a terrible case of food poisoning.

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