Review: Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

OMG!!!! Rick and I just got this new video game that is just so excellent. They say that you have to try to get ur points up to 120 on one side (called systolic) and 80 on the other side (called diastolic). (Don’t worry – it sounds confusing at 1st but it’s not rilly!!!!)

So the game has this screen, and there’s this thing that’s like this cuff, with velcro and everything. U strap that onto ur arm. (“Strap it on!” Hee-hee.) There’s this sort of “hose” thingy that goes from the cuff into the game, and u push “start,” and then u squeeze this ball (“Ball!” Hee-hee.) U have to keep squeezing and squeezing and the cuff on ur arm gets really tight, and then these numbers and stuff come onto the screen! And if there’s an arrow that points up, u totally have to keep squeezing!

And then this cute little heart shape comes on, and at that moment U STOP SQUEEZING!!! And then the numbers start changing and like going down, and then a little down arrow comes on, and then u push another thing on the ball u squeeze, and that makes the cuff on your arm deflate. And then these other numbers come on the screen, and like, one side is ur systolic points and the other side is ur diastolic points. Oh – and I forgot – u also gets points for this thing that’s like ur pulse rate!!!! HOW DOES IT KNOW?????

I have played this game like, a billion times since we got it and I KEEP WINNING! I keep getting waaaaay above 120 over 80!!!!! Like, one time I got 149 (systolic) and 101 (diastolic)!!!! I dare you to beat those numbers!!!!!

I rilly like the Omron Digial Blood Pressure Monitor game!!!! So. Much. Fun.

4 Comments on “Review: Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitor”

  1. Imogen says:

    Man I’d bomb out on that game, I’d probably only score 100 over 60 then faint with embarresment!

  2. Tara Zucker says:

    Imogen – the sad thing is I really do have to monitor my BP now. I was at the mall today and I used one of the machines they have there, and there was a little old lady waiting behind me. She looked at my numbers (high) and shook her head and said “That’s impossible. You should be dead.” I’m really hoping the machine was off.

  3. Imogen says:

    Oh Tara -that’s a worry – not like you have a weight problem! Mind you, my Dad, who is the fittest person I know has congenital high blood pressure and has to take medication for it (he goes to the gym, rides his bike and eats very little fat or sugar).

    His mother died at 55 from the same – so make sure you look after yourself!

  4. I am a low blood pressure gal. My BP is so low that the nurses always take it two or three times. I am not a contender. If you have a game in which low energy and little movement is involved I will reign supreme.

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