How’s The Book Coming?

I can’t concentrate. The squirrels are just too damn loud. Seriously, there are hoards of rampaging squirrels running across the roof of my house, right above my desk. They jump from the tree outside and land on the roof (THUMP) and then scurry across the entire length of the house to the other side (SCURRY SCURRY SCURRY SCURRY.) My roof is apparently where all the squirrel freeways merge.

And just now, the tree started shaking violently – like when the smoke monster used to appear in the first season of LOST (but without the thick black smoke.) I looked out to see two squirrels fighting. Road rage. Or tree rage. What ever happened to letting someone merge ahead of you and giving them a friendly wave? These squirrels are mean. Suddenly I feel sad and I need a cookie.

And that is why I’m having trouble rewriting Chapter five. True story.


One Comment on “How’s The Book Coming?”

  1. I am blocked because HBO has made me sit and watch all 5 episodes of InTreatment back to back ( truly, HBO has brain controlling airwaves. How else can you explain the success of Sex in the City?).

    I hope the squirrels come to a peaceful resolution and that the cookie is not the kind that once eaten begins to demand other cookies be consumed. I hate those kind.

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