New Blog Battles Dumpy Decor

Do you love to decorate? Are you a slave to HGTV? Are you slightly color blind?

If that’s you, you might enjoy my new blog. As a wannabe decorating diva myself, I’m taking on Gen HGTV, and I intend to leave no throw pillow unturned in the war against white walls and clashing colors.

RANDOM ACTS OF HOME DECOR looks at decorating and home design for the decor-challenged. I will also be contributing articles to The Savvy Gal website.


One Comment on “New Blog Battles Dumpy Decor”

  1. Do you have any tips on how to spruce up the storage space while looking for new diggs? I miss my desk, my chair, my funky old leather couch… bookshelves, books, oh all of it! I have started making excuses to go to the storage space, where I just sit and gaze at my belongings.

    However, I have found that, the storage space does not compliment my decor, and even with the couch on it’s side, and all of the chairs piled on top of one another, I cannot seem to overcome the cement floor and metal corrugated walls. This look is distracting, and it is spoiling my “me time”.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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