New Blog Battles Dumpy Decor

Do you love to decorate? Are you a slave to HGTV? Are you slightly color blind?

If that’s you, you might enjoy my new blog. As a wannabe decorating diva myself, I’m taking on Gen HGTV, and I intend to leave no throw pillow unturned in the war against white walls and clashing colors.

RANDOM ACTS OF HOME DECOR looks at decorating and home design for the decor-challenged. I will also be contributing articles to The Savvy Gal website.


Two Months: A Very Sad Tale

It’s been two months since I was laid off from my office job.

Less income? Unfortunately, yes. Loss of health benefits? Absolutely. But the real ramifications are just now starting to become clear. It is a sad, bitter tale.

I longer have my daily Starbucks latte.

And Lordy – how I loved my daily Starbucks latte.

I was a double tall non-fat. Back in the good old days, when I could afford it. When I had a job. It was my little indulgence. It was what got me going at 7:00 a.m., when my shift started. The Baristas all knew my name, they knew my drink. I was part of the Great American Starbucks Society, one of a long line of sleepy-eyed caffeine cravers.

These days I am home-brewed. Oh, it’s fine. I suppose. I get the beans at Starbucks – the dark Italian roast – but it’s … just not the same. It’s not a latte. The old Braun coffee maker spits out a fairly decent brew. It’s a simple, honest cup of joe. It’s what the unemployed drink. No shame in that. Good enough for scouring the on-line job listings, purposely not clicking on the shoe sales and “summer must-haves” at Banana Republic. When you’re unemployed, you don’t get to buy new clothes. You don’t get to spend money. You don’t get Starbucks. You sit in front of the computer and send out resumes and dream of a day, long ago, when you were so carefree. You laughed, and enjoyed life. You carelessly drank a latte, never even thinking of the nectar flowing down your throat.

But that was then. Two months ago. A lifetime ago.