Coffee Shop Face-Off

I met two different friends at two different coffee shops.
Which cafe provided the better experience? You decide:

Location: Los Feliz/Silver Lake – young, hip, artsy area on the East side of LA.
Size: Tiny. About 7 tables inside, maybe 3 tables outside.
Decor: New, modern, slightly architectural.
In the Cup: Strong. Good flavor. Really strong. Nice foam. Is this a triple? Because I asked for a double but it’s fine because I’m totally into the triple if this is a triple and if it’s a double that’s some really good beans you got there cause I like it strong and my friend should be here any minute now and I might have to get another coffee when she comes because she’ll probably order something and I don’t want to be sitting here not drinking if she’s drinking because that just feels so rude and I usually take a double but this totally feels like a triple not that I’m complaining because I know you charged me for a double but I probably shouldn’t get another double although I totally like this and it’s really good and strong and oh look here she is and actually I think I’m good for now but thanks.
Clientèle: Two tables pulled together at the front with small group having a production meeting for an indie film. Single hip young woman with computer doing some sort of research. Cool 30-something woman with computer writing script. Single 20’s cute guy rocking the sweater vest/bowling shirt combo and knitting.
SPECIAL FEATURE: Did I mention the young guy knitting? KNITTING! (Is that the new pick-up line for Gen Y? “Wanna come to my place and look at my collection of scarf patterns?”)

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. The Strip. The heart of Hollywood. A few blocks from the Viper Room, the Standard Hotel and the Chateau Marmont.
Size: Medium. Several bar stools at counters inside, nice size outdoor patio with heat lamps, umbrellas and a fire pit.
Decor: Corporate. Exactly like every other Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the world.
In the Cup: Good. Exactly like every other Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the world.
Clientèle: Hott young actresses with dogs in yoga pants. (The actresses were wearing the yoga pants. Not the dogs.) Sixty something “producer” in jogging suit with Bluetooth headset, steadily texting with one thumb. Hott young actors in jeans and white t-shirts discussing the biz. Schizophrenic homeless woman bumming cigarettes.
SPECIAL FEATURE: Valet parking. ONLY. (I parked waaaay up the hill and walked my cheap ass down to Sunset.)


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