Happy Toothday. Ha ha. Get it? Toothday? Tuesday?

I know – lame. It’s the Tylenol with codeine talking. I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday.

The dentist was excellent. At first he scared me, because he said my roots were growing in divergent directions from each other, and he predicted it would be a difficult extraction. He recommended I get put to sleep. But getting put to sleep costs a lot of money, and I’m a tough New Yorker, so I said “Bring on the local anesthetic!”

As it turns out, it wasn’t horrible. The tooth did break off from the root, as he had feared, and he did have to use the drill, but it only took a few minutes and it was done. Quick and painless and not as bad as I had feared.

And not a moment too soon. Yesterday was the last day of my insurance coverage.

You see, I have lost my medical insurance. I didn’t misplace it somewhere. I know exactly where it is – back at the job I was just laid off from.

As many people do, I’ve been working two jobs. While Rick and I build up our company, I have also been working at another job that provided us with health insurance and other benefits. With the day to day security that job provided, we were able to take some risks and build our own company in a much less secure industry. Sometimes it felt that I myself had been going in two divergent directions – one toward creativity and autonomy and one toward security and benefits. But ultimately the security gave us the freedom.

But – budget cut-backs, economic slow-down, the dreaded “R” word – whatever the reason, I was laid off. Extracted from the job.

Everyone tells me it’s a Blessing in Disguise, and now I can pursue my Dream Job. Great! I wasn’t aware that sitting home in my pajamas and reading entertainment gossip all day came with full medical benefits and a 401(k), but sign me up.

Dream job. I don’t even know what that is anymore. Time to find out again, I guess.

I just hope this time it’s quick and painless and not as bad as I had feared. And I hope those two divergent roots don’t give me any problems.


4 Comments on “Extraction”

  1. Very sorry to hear about your bad news.

    But job hunting really isn’t a full time job, there’s a lot of waiting. That might make it a great time to just dial for production dollars in the meantime.

    Who knows, maybe the doll CAN fly.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. posthastemediainc says:

    So the glass half full guy thinks that the root extraction is a metaphor for getting rid of the past and looking towards the bright and sunny future. Of course it was a wisdom tooth…but in today’s world, who needs wisdom.

    Yesterday in Forbes magazine there was an article about a CEO who boosted sales of his kitchen blender by 500% by making a YouTube video of himself “blending” an iPod in his ultra powerful kitchen appliance.

    Now THAT is Wisdom. Hope he has health insurance.

  3. Dream job….I think it happens when you sleep.

    Extraction – Perhaps pulling CEO’s hand out of his kitchen blender? Or just the average joe pulling his hair out trying to pay his credit card on-line.

    Glass half full? Sorry, I think the glass has left the building.

    Health Insurance? KInd of like Santa Clause.

    But I do think the Doll can Fly! I do! Ah seen it!

    Dr. Zucker, I love YOUR writing.

  4. shanti says:

    I’ve been reading a book called “Simple Prosperity” which is kind of about the green movement and sustainable lifestyles, and it has some interesting info which are good to shift the perspective when anxiety starts to set in about “what’s to become of us” in light of the current economy, etc.
    Check out http://www.globalrichlist.com- kind of makes you realize that no matter how scary and insecure we might feel when we lose income, benefits, etc., we’re still way richer than 90 percent or more of the people on the planet!
    All the same, it sounds like you’ve really been going through it – I’m glad the extraction went smoothly –
    and you looked great on Skype – has the postehaste team considered creating a YouTube presence?

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