Why Daniel Day-Lewis Should Win The Oscar

Before I saw the movie THERE WILL BE BLOOD, I saw a commercial for it, where Daniel Day-Lewis said the line “I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!”

I couldn’t imagine what this line meant. The line seemed absurd. The word “milkshake” is such a sweet, innocent word. It brings to mind a couple of teens hanging out at the corner diner, maybe sharing a straw and a vanilla shake. From the little I knew of the movie, my sense was that Day-Lewis played a very dark character and probably would not be hanging out at any corner diners sharing a straw with anyone.

When I actually saw the movie, and the line came up – almost at the end – I was blown away by it, and by Day-Lewis’ delivery of it. It was the most disturbing use of the word milkshake I could ever imagine. And it was perfect. This was a man with such darkness inside him, and his use of that word made him very disturbing and very real.

And that is why Daniel Day-Lewis should win the Academy award. Because if an actor can take such a ridiculous line and make it work, well, that’s the stuff of Oscar.

So here’s a toast to Daniel Day-Lewis. I drink to you! I drink it up!


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