There’s No Words To Describe That Kind Of Pain

Sadness. Fourth in a five-part series of videos we made for The Breakup Chronicles.

I think this is the hardest of the five videos to watch. And I think that’s because sadness is a painful place to be in, and it’s painful to watch other people there.

But it’s so important to feel the pain, in order to get past the pain. Much like anger, sadness is an emotion that we try to deny, to stuff down. Because sometimes it feels that if you let the tears come they will never stop. It’s hard to trust that sadness is just a part of the journey, and not the final destination. You have to have faith that there is something beyond the sadness, and take that plunge down into the tears. A comfy sweatshirt and some cookie dough helps.

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One Comment on “There’s No Words To Describe That Kind Of Pain”

  1. I have discovered that watching every episode of “House” helps, also.

    Comparative therapy. It’s free, and there is always someone at that very moment going through something so horrific that it makes one’s own sadness a little less like a razor in your heart.

    But then, you wind up crying for an unknown person.

    And you find out you get to own yourself as a compassionate person who deserves much more than what you just went through.

    And you just might have the strength to get up and walk through another day.

    Congratulations to all who worked on this project, and to the extremely brave women and men willing to have a camera chronicle their journey.


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