Gort – Klaatu Barack Obama

I recently watched THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL – an old chestnut sci fi from 1951. The movie tells the tale of Klaatu, a space man who travels 250 million miles to land on earth and deliver a warning. If humans do not halt their aggressive tendencies they will be considered a threat by the other planets, and Earth will be destroyed. Of course, before he can deliver his message, he is shot by the Army. Way to go, Earth!

I found the story and its message to be amazingly relevant to the America of 2008.

In a pivotal scene, Klaatu and Helen – an earth woman he has become friendly with – take an excruciatingly slow cab ride to the space ship, followed in hot pursuit by the three remaining National Guard troops that have not yet been deployed to Iraq.

In the cab, Klaatu worries that if anything happens to him, Gort – his all-powerful Robot BFF – will go all Terminator and take extreme measures. Luckily, Klaatu tells Helen there is a phrase she can utter to stop Gort.

Klaatu instructs Helen if the Army, say, manages to shoot him again, she is to repeat the following:

“Gort – Klaatu Barack Obama.”

And with those words, catastrophe will be avoided!

(What? Oh. It’s actually “Gort – Klaatu barada nikto.” Whatever. It’s still a good movie.)


2 Comments on “Gort – Klaatu Barack Obama”

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    One little bit of Klaatu trivia. This is one of John Fogarty’s favorite films. He used to have little stickers of Gort on his equipment.

    I’ve been wondering when they would re-make this film..Keanu Reeves as Klaatu?

  2. Gort says:

    And so it came to pass.

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