That’s Some Ugly Christmas Sweater, Yo

Rick and I recently received an invitation to an “ugly holiday sweater party.” I guess  “ugly” is a new slang word that is used much in the same way you use “bad” or “dope” to mean “good.” You know, like – “Hey, did you hear that new Justin Timberlake CD? That’s some ugly music, yo!” Because who could call a festive sweater like this ugly?

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So, in the holiday spirit, Rick and I set out to find ourselves a couple of ugly Christmas sweaters. Cause that’s how we roll this time of year. Festive, yo.

We went to malls. We went to thrift stores. We went to the 99 cent store. We searched far and wide. As hard as we tried, as long and as far as we looked, we learned a harsh truth.  Because lo, there were no holiday sweaters for men anywhere. Even in Glendale. (I know!)

Which makes me wonder – what has happened in our society that we deprive half our population the joy of festive attire?  What sweater grinch decided that men don’t want to be decorated with Santa and reindeer and presents and candy canes? What happened to holiday spirit, yo?

What’s worse – the only Chanukah sweater I could find anywhere was for a teddy bear:

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(Adorable! I would totally wear that if it came in my size.)

I believe it’s up to our generation to keep this holiday tradition alive.  

So please – everyone – put on your most festive holiday sweaters and wear them with pride. And when someone says “Wow! That’s some ugly sweater, yo!” know that they mean it as a compliment. 



One Comment on “That’s Some Ugly Christmas Sweater, Yo”

  1. So THAT explains why, when getting rid of clothes, all second hand stores wanted Christmas Sweaters!

    I was beyond confused as to

    a) Why?????


    b) Why no ugly swetah een town?

    Good to know, though, the new word for beautiful! I can TOTALLY say, OH MY GAWD, I KNOW!!!!!!!!

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