Cry Me A River

So, we had our big shoot on Sunday for the book project, and it went exceptionally well. The day wasn’t too long (as these things go), my feet didn’t hurt too much (as these things go), and we got great footage (yes we did.)

Great relief all around.

The actors all arrived prepared and ready to go. They cried. They yelled. They were depressed and then they were accepting and calm. They were fantastic. I felt slightly sadistic at times holding a shot, lingering, letting them cry some more, staying on their unhappiness. But that’s what they came to do. That’s the good stuff – the real emotion. The truth. The honesty.  

And there were some very funny moments, too. Pain and honesty and ridiculousness, all intertwined. That’s real life, no? 

 The technical stuff also went very well.  We were fortunate to have a wonderful DP, Alec D. Boehm, who really knows his stuff, works quickly and has a great sense of humor on set – a winning combination in my book. I know without a doubt that without Alec, things would not have gone as well as they did. 

In fact, the only realy problem was a sound sync issue which Rick discovered yesterday, after spending four hours loading the video into the computer. This is apparently a glitch with the camera we were using – nothing that can’t be fixed with four or five more hours of redoing everything he already did.  So, that sucks. But all things considered, the Technical Gods smiled on us and we got off easy. 

Now we have to edit the thing. A piece like this is really made in the editing. We already have certain ideas about the material, about what happened during the shoot, but we won’t really know what it will be until we sit down and start looking and listening.  It will emerge. It’s an exciting process, if you can really let the material guide you and go where it takes you.

I hope that it takes us somewhere wonderful!


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