Doll on Strike

Hey! How are you all doning? Its grate to be here. Its grate to be anywhere! I just flew in from Pittsberg and boy are my arems tired. (HAHA LOL!) (pretend I am on the Tonight show!!!!)

I am writing this blog today because the normal writer is showing sympathy with the writers on striking the shows in hollywood!  Who am I you may ask? Well let me tell you!  I am a writer too. Okay I am not a fancy hollywood writer but so what!!! Anyone can write funny, you know! Like, the epople who write the shows on TV are good, I will give you that, but come on! Anyone who wnent to high schook in this county can write! It is what we all learn how to do in school! So why do the writers in hollywood think they are better than all other writers?  Huh?

Do they think that they are the STARS of the show – who we all know are the ACTORS that we want to see in the shows ion TV!!!  I personally do not put on TV shows to watch writers. Do you?”??? NO, I DO NOT THINK YOU DO!!! I think you want to see the handsome guys and hot girls on on TV! And the funny ones to liek on Scrubs and the Office. They are the reasons we watch TVshowS!  Not the wrtiers. So the writers should go back behind the desks where they belong and not think they they make the shows or anything.  Bec ause they can be rep.aced.  Who do they think they are that they will not be able to be rep,aced just like the car workers!!! They should really think about that before they go on strike. Oh well! Too late, huh? 

fINALLY I would like to say to all Holloywood procuders who are reading this – I am a funny writer and also I can write seriuops stuff liokle on House where they solve teh mysteries of why someone is sick. I ahve good stories about my aunt who was in the hsopital and why she was sick when they found out that she was sick because she was just DAMM OLD!!! hAHA! yOU SEE – that is both funny and serious like the show HOUSe so you can hire me and get rid of all the writers who dont show up for work!!!

Just think how gopod the TV shows would be with me writi9ng them!!!!


5 Comments on “Doll on Strike”

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    Giving writers a small portion of the money generated by the sales of media on the web (including advertising revenue) will “hamper” our ability to be creative?!!!

    We don’t yet know how we are going to make money selling our content on the web?

    Are the producers and studios really thinking that anyone could fall for those lines? DVD sales have been a major source of income for the studios, networks and media corporations. They don’t think that writers should earn any renumeration for creating the work that is making them untold (and with their accounting procedures…I’m sure there is a lot that is untold) amounts of money.

    The fact is..the writers are not asking for a free lunch here. Yes, the studios put out financial risk and should make back their money. Yes, the executives are executives because they are the top of the class at what they do. Well, so are the writers. There are many thousands of writers out there who don’t ever get a TV show or a film. The ones that do have worked very hard for it and are also some of the cream of the crop. They deserve to be paid what they are worth. They are NOT given golden parachutes or incredible stock options. They get a good salary, but after you really think people are going to buy the first season of American Idol on DVD? No..they are buying scripted shows.

    Pay the writers already.

  2. Blythe says:

    Tara! I’m so delighted to find your blog, because I no longer get to read your daily funny captions on Flickr.

    And I’m really glad to know I wasn’t the only one who learned all the words to “Gee Officer Krupke” when I was twelve.

  3. It should become very clear very soon that Hollywood doesn’t amount to much without writers. I hope losses will be cut quickly and the brains behind all the great shows can get back to work with the renumeration [sic] they deserve.

    What an excellent post – the irony is very well dunne LOL.


  4. Zucker, I love you – Where I am ranting about the strike,(NO! you gasp), you are being your fabulously dry saterical brilliant self.

    Even Mah Kitteh Laf. He Never Laf.

  5. You know, it took me until about 3/4th through the post to realize the mispellings were done on purpose 🙂

    I guess I’m in the minority here, and since the writers voted to end the strike today it’s a moot point, but the more I learned about the strike the less in favor of it I seemed to be.

    I absolutely believe that the writers should get a portion of the profits made from material they create. Absolutely.

    My problem was more with how the WGA seemed to handle itself in negotiations and just about how the strike was handled in general. Since the strike is over and I’ve filled my quota of dead horse beatings today, I won’t go into specifics. But suffice it to say that I hope the members of the WGA take a long and hard look at how this strike came about, how the negotiations were handled, and, perhaps most importantly, how to avoid these circumstances in the future.

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