There Are Tissues If You Need Them …

We had a fantastic casting session yesterday. We need 4 or 5 actresses for our latest project,  to pour their hearts out about how bad it feels to break up with someone.  We had a steady flow of actresses come in – and boy, did they pour! I am so impressed with the level of talent we saw. Most of the actresses we saw were young, just starting out, but with solid resumes – community theatre, college drama courses, and lots of showcases and student films. They were real, honest and willing to take it to the edge. I felt honored to be watching them, and grateful that they want to work with us. Every one of them came in prepared, ready to lay it on the line. They inspire me to do my best, in putting this project together.

It’s wonderful when you feel that kind of creative energy happening in a project. I wish we could use each and every one who auditioned for us. We can’t. We are really lucky to have such wonderful choices. I’m very excited about this project, and can’t wait to shoot it!

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