Ready, Set … Produce!

Yay! We’re finally rolling with our newest video project. We’re doing a series of short videos to promote the book It’s a Breakup Not A Breakdown, by the wonderful Lisa Steadman. We’ve been in development with this for a while, but we’re finally in high gear and roaring along toward a shooting date. We’ve come up with a great concept we all love, we’ve got some wonderful actors in place, and we’ve got auditions scheduled to help us find a few more.

This is the part of production I enjoy. I am calm and in control. I spend quiet time fine tuning the script, and I can conduct all my correspondence regarding the project  by e-mail. Very soon that will all change.

Very soon things will get crazy and hectic and I’ll actually have to talk to real people and run around and do things. I will need comfortable shoes. I’m serving as director on this project as well, which is something I really enjoy. I started out, way back a million years ago, in the theatre, so I understand actors. I like working with them. I like telling them what to do. Um … I mean … I like helping them “discover” things for themselves.  As long as whatever they discover is exactly what I want them to discover. Oh, occasionally one might have an interesting idea of their own, but I’m sure it’s because of the wonderful atmosphere I create on set. Or maybe it’s because I cast really really talented people. Either way, I take credit. Unless the project turns out badly. Then it’s everyone else’s fault. “They should have listened to me!” But this project will not turn out badly. This project is going to be fabu! Fabu. That’s a Lisa word.

 We are working closely with Lisa on this project, and she’s wonderful. Committed, full of energy and ideas, and passionate about what she does. It’s a pleasure to help her bring her ideas into a different format. We’re all having a great time on this and we’re pumped and ready to go! (Check back with me next week after sitting through an entire afternoon of actresses emoting.)

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