Saving The Best For …. Never

I’m in the process of “editing” my closet. This means I’m going through and getting rid of everything that doesn’t look good (dress shaped like a circus tent? I don’t think so.) Or that doesn’t fit (hmmm… must have shrunk in the wash.) I’m being brutally honest, because I’m tired of walking around in clothes that don’t flatter me. Some of my clothes mock me outright, which is really annoying.

So far I’ve got a bunch of bags going to my favorite thrift store, Out Of The Closet. The profits go to support men and women afflicted by AIDS. I always feel a little guilty bringing my rejects there, as if I’m saying “This shirt is HORRIBLE. Enjoy wearing it!”

The few things I have left hanging in my closet now are pretty nice. And I’ve never worn most of them. I do this thing, where I “save” the good stuff. “That would be perfect to wear to have tea with the Queen. I can’t get it dirty.” (Note to Buckingham Palace: Still waiting for invitation.) Or “This makes me look amazing! I should save it for … something important.”

Why isn’t today important? Why do we save the good stuff? What are we waiting for?

One of the best “tips” I learned from a great writing teacher was not to save the good stuff. I know you’re thinking – she studied writing? And you’re also thinking, what do you mean? It’s like this.  If you have this amazing explosion that you want to happen on say, page 10 – move it to page 1. What this does is force you to come up with something else even more amazing for page 10. Keep doing this and pretty soon you will have an entire story that is so amazing you might even sell it to Sandra Bullock and get to visit her on set and everything. (That last part could possibly be my own thought, and not something my teacher actually said.)

We don’t “save the good stuff” when we’re working with clients. We don’t say “I have the most amazing idea for your campaign. Let’s totally ignore it and do this one that’s not nearly as good.” If we did that we wouldn’t get hired any more, which would mean we wouldn’t have any money to go to the mall, so we couldn’t buy any more clothes to wait to wear. This is a vicious cycle that must end now!

So, don’t save the good stuff. Drink that bottle of expensive champagne tonight. You know – the one you’ve been saving for “something important.” Open that little box of fancy chocolates – the one you’ve been saving for “something important.” And wear that amazing shirt that brings out the color of your eyes and makes you look like a movie star. Do it today. ‘Cause the Queen ain’t sending no invitation, but today is FABULOUS! Today is important. What are you waiting for?


3 Comments on “Saving The Best For …. Never”

  1. Allen Voivod says:

    Jesu Christo, you have the absolute driest sense of humor. I revel in your blog posts like a shorn donkey in a barrel of rose petals.

    –Allen Voivod
    “A-Ha Yourself!”

  2. Rick Sanchez says:

    What the hell happened to my hammer pants?!!!!

  3. Harvey says:

    Some of us find we have to let the best things go.
    Like our kids…

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