Dear Sir or Madam …

Pepperidge Farm

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to share with you a recent experience concerning your product. Today I opened a package of Chantilly cookies, touted on your website thus:

“The sweet raspberry filling of the Chantilly beckons beneath a latticed cookie with a powdered sugar dusting.”

I spread the cookies out on a plate. I was expecting company so I thought a plate would be the proper presentation, rather than straight from the package, which is my natural inclination. When I gazed upon the cookies on the plate, I noticed something rather alarming. THERE WAS NO POWDERED SUGAR! The cookies were bare.

The nude cookies not only startled me, I also found myself confronted by a confusing choice that I feel no consumer of a delicious treat should have to make. That being – should I return the cookies to the package and take them back to the place of purchase, requesting a refund? Or should I go ahead and serve them to my guest, hoping that the lack of proper topping would not so alter the experience of the cookie as to render it unacceptable.

As the arrival of my guest was imminent, I realized I had to be decisive. I sampled one of the barren cookies. As I had suspected, it was very tasty, bursting with raspberry goodness. However, I had to admit that the lack of powdered sugar did slightly alter, though not entirely compromise my enjoyment of the cookie. I would never wish to subject my guest to a lessoned experience, but as I had no other treat to offer, I had to make a very difficult decision. What, dear Sir or Madam, I ask you, was I to do?

Feeling that the raspberry flavor made a strong showing on its own, I elected to serve the cookies. My guest never remarked on the altered appearance of such. I suspect she would not have mentioned any lack of enjoyment of the treat, being a person of superior manners and upbringing. I will never know if I offended by my offering. I did notice that she partook of several of the cookies, so I assume they were not found lacking. But that is only an assumption.

Hence, my dilemma. I suppose I can not truly complain about an inferior product, as the cookies in question were consumed and enjoyed, to a large degree. But knowing that the experience was not as complete as it could have been, nay, should have been, leaves me somewhat sad. That greatness was within reach yet not attained is, perhaps, a statement on life as we live it these days. I know that your worthy organization strives to greatness, which is why I have taken the time to inform you of my experience. You may proceed as you see fit.

Thank you very much for your time.


2 Comments on “Dear Sir or Madam …”

  1. Lani Voivod says:

    “That greatness was within reach yet not attained is, perhaps, a statement on life as we live it these days.”

    Tara, you are an astute pop-culture philosopher. I empathize with your naked cookie experience. Too often, companies don’t deliver on what they promise.

    It’s a cruel, apathetic world, yet we must bond together to make the most of it.


    Yours in poignant marketing malaise,
    Lani Voivod
    a Content Lover of Epiphanies, Inc.
    “A-Ha Yourself!”

  2. Hi Tara,

    I just read Lani Voivod’s post about your mad writing skills. She’s right … you’re great! BTW, I too am seeking to retain my “inner Ginger.”

    Kevin Skarritt
    One of Lani and Allen’s Co-conspirators in Brand-Crime

    P.S. I would have bagged the cookies and sugar coated the guests. Now THAT would have been a memorable experience! 😉

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