Call Me Ginger


When it comes to understanding market speak, I feel a lot like this wonderful FAR SIDE cartoon by Gary Larson.

The other day I read a sentence that went something like “… defining a methodology for the metrics of engagement …” I think he meant “figuring out how to measure the way the audience engages with your website.” So why didn’t he just say that?

I admit the word “metrics” has a certain appeal. There’s something about jargon that makes you feel like a twelve year old, talking all in code and stuff. Neat!

I realize this may be old hat for some of you. To you I say, “Cool hat! Can I borrow it some time?” For the rest of us, may I suggest Seth Godin? I have to admit that sometimes I still feel like Ginger when I read his site, but he offers good information and some entertaining videos. And, if I understand what he’s saying, he also seems to suggest that there is a place for individuality and passion in all of this jargon. Which I am totally for. Because I want to bring something original to the work I do. I’ll learn the language, but I don’t want to completely lose my inner Ginger.


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