We’re Fesity!

I was working on our website last night, and I somehow managed to completely write over the page that contains every single sample of our work, a page that my business partner Rick, who is also my husband, had labored many hours to create. Oops! Luckily I caught the mistake (ummm … hard to miss) and was able to recreate the page, somehow, using my Ninja senses and a very cursory understanding of Dreamweaver. (NOTE TO SELF: get company to pay for flash class.) Luckily Rick is pretty easy going about stuff like this. When I confessed what I’d done, he was very cool about it. He realizes that shit happens. And since I had fixed the problem, there was no harm done.

So when he sent me an e-mail this afternoon asking if we were really a “small but fesity company,” I was mortified.

FESITY! Ah, crap. Unfortunately I was NOT able to fix that problem right away, due to my physically being in a location far from the files and programs I needed. All day I was imagining potential clients visiting our site and shaking their heads – “They seem like such a great company. But no spell check? What’s up with that?”

The truth is, I do spell check, because I am terrible speller. Horrible. Being a writer, I’m aware that this is a problem. I’m not a lousy speller because I’m stupid or lazy. I have a tiny touch of dyslexia, and sometimes my brain just gets a little confused, what with all the pretty letters. (Dyslexia is not like being pregnant – you CAN be a little bit dyslexic.) I also tend to transpose letters (“d” and “b” – I curse you to the Gods!) But I can deal. I have dictionaries bookmarked on every computer I work on, I live and die by spell check, and I proof. But sometimes – well, siht happens.

The great thing about having your own company is you can make mistakes and no one is really going to yell at you. The bad thing about having your own company is you can make mistakes and no one is really going to yell at you. You have to be all over yourself like a cheap suit, watching yourself, giving yourself your own little staff evaluations (“Tara, we feel you need to make more of an effort.” “Thanks, Tara. I’ll work on that!”) When you’re your own boss, you have to set the bar high for yourself. If we promise our clients that we pay attention to the details, we can’t be making spelling mistakes all up in here, can we? Hopefully we’ll catch all our errors, but I know that inevitably things will slip by. We’ll just have to hope that our brilliant ideas and sparkling personalities will prevail, despite our tendency to occasionally be a little “fesity.”


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