Please Don’t Look At Our Website

Rick and I decided a few weeks ago that we need a new website. Not an entirely new website, but we need to change it up, as the kids say. Make it more compelling, as the marketers say. Add more of our own voice, as the image consultants say.

So we’ve been having meetings with all the department heads in the company. Those department heads being Rick (Owner, President, Head of Production, Head of Editorial, Head of Client Relations) and me (Co-owner, Head of Development, Head Writer, Head of Buying Large Boxes of Snacks at Costco.) We’ve had meetings in the car, in the backyard, and at PetSmart (where we were looking for toys that will exhaust our cat, Blanche, so she doesn’t wake us up ten times a night to go out, then come back in, then go out, then come back in, then go back out.) The best part about owning your own company is the ability to have meetings at PetSmart. Well, maybe that’s not the BEST part. Maybe the BEST part is the whole freedom to do what you want thing. But the second best part is the ability to have meetings at PetSmart or say, Porto’s, where the coffee is a taste of old world Havana and the pastries are crazy good. (The coffee at PetSmart isn’t nearly as good.)

The meetings have been very productive. When we first put up the website, we thought that we should be serious. And straightforward. Just the facts, Ma’am. Tell ’em who we are and what we do. But over time we’ve realized that that’s really BO-RING. It doesn’t represent who we really are and what we really do. What we really do is is fun, creative work. We have a good sense of humor (and love long walks on the beach.) We like projects that challenge us to think so much outside the box that we’re actually back inside the box, but upside down and wearing a chicken suit.

So – we’re on our way to a whole new look! We’re redefining our corporate image and synergizing our resources for optimum ROI. We’re strategizing and doing team-building exercises (With the cat. There’s nothing like a little team building to exhaust the cat.) And we’re sure that we’re going to come up with something really great.

So please – don’t look at our website. Yet. Cause it kind of sucks. But boy, is it going to be FANTASTIC!


One Comment on “Please Don’t Look At Our Website”

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