Our Band Is In The Top 15!

Okay, it’s not exactly OUR band. Rick and I haven’t sold the house and headed out in a van with a couple of guitars and a 300 pound roadie named Sweet Pete.

Earlier this year we produced two music videos for a band named WARNER DRIVE. They’re a lovely bunch of lads and we had a grand time shooting two songs in one day in a sweltering warehouse with 60 hard core fans, many of whom were scantily dressed ladies who were flashing the camera guys. (Funny thing. We still get calls from those camera guys asking if we’re shooting another video any time soon.)

Anyway, the band entered one of the videos we produced for them – LIFE – in a big radio contest (Star 98.7)and they made it into the top 15 finalists. We are rooting for them all the way and when they become rich and famous we will be happy to tell everything we know to the tabloids.


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